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Kindercastle - number b

Kindercastle - number b


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The second full-length album from Nashville-based pop aficionados Kindercastle and the tenth release for yk records. `Pop` gets a bad rep for being synonymous with `fluff` but number b is far from shallow. Influences the likes of ELO, Mouse on Mars, Raymond Scott and even Milton Glaser brought this to life. It's smart and it's catchy.

Artwork brought to life by the wonderful S. Britt.

Limited edition white vinyl available while they last. Comes with download card for digital consumption.

Purely digital version also available but you're really going to want the vinyl, I promise.

  1. Beddie Bye
  2. Pale Noon
  3. Running the Gauntlet
  4. The Key
  5. Ruby Child
  6. Ferris Wheel
  7. Horse and Buggy
  8. Face of Danger Relay Race (Derby Dance)
  9. New Way of Life
  10. New World Awaits
  11. D’s All Round
  12. Red Berry
  13. Goldfish
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