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Uncle Skeleton: Pancho Chumley

Uncle Skeleton: Pancho Chumley



  • CD 60% in stock

A double debut: the first release from yk records and the unveiling of Ross Wariners solo outing Uncle Skeleton.

The twelve track disc is packaged in a high quality Arigato pack from Stumptown Printers with original artwork by Jason Severs.

Cost is $5 with an additional $1 for shipping (envelopes are surprisingly expensive).

Orders made between March 17th and March 22nd, 2009 will not be shipped until March 23rd.

  1. Renfro
  2. Diskoteq
  3. Summer Love
  4. Safari
  5. I Don’t Want You Back
  6. the Ballad of Uncle Skeleton
  7. The Willow Green
  8. June
  9. Almost
  10. Concept Testing
  11. Chumley Giles
  12. Travels
  • Image of Uncle Skeleton: Pancho Chumley
  • Image of Uncle Skeleton: Pancho Chumley
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