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Slowmotions - Quick Potions

Slowmotions - Quick Potions



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Quick Potions is sixteen tracks of a mix of electronics, sampling, rock, pop, indie rock and countless other influences. But it's also more than that, it's a vaguely conceptual journey through sleep - phasing in and out of instrumental escapades and dreamlike songs... finally awakening with a more organic reflection.

This is the first solo release from Andrew Brassell and, personally, an album that I can't hear enough of.

Each CD comes with a unique photographic insert; evoking an untold story - like the best of dreams.

Also available as a free digital download but, trust me, the packaging is more than worth it.

  1. Cheese Whiz
  2. FB
  3. Draggerdown
  4. Old v New
  5. Journey to the Sea
  6. Time
  7. Electricman
  8. Orchestral
  9. New Deal
  10. Face Upon a Bird
  11. Fingers Flicker
  12. Birthing a Stone
  13. Cool Band Nightmare
  14. Celebration
  15. 1000 Hurts
  16. Magnus Ogan
  • Image of Slowmotions - Quick Potions
  • Image of Slowmotions - Quick Potions
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